MIA in the International Platform Dicle Symposium Has Come With the Participants

6th International Symposium of TPID (TURKISH PROSTHODONTICS and IMPLANTOLOGY ASSOCIATION) was held between 2-4th of November 2018, at Dicle University Congress Center in Diyarbakır, and hosted local and foreign dentists. In the symposium with intense participation, guest lecturer of Mode Implant Academy was Prof. Dr. Kiro Papakoca. Our Lecturer had presented the subject about “Mode Implant Prosthesis Technique Complications in Dental Implantology.” In his presentation, Prof. Dr. PhD Kiro Papakoca shared knowledge and experience, aiming to reveal the frequency and types of technical complications in implantsupported full dental fixed prostheses.

The most common complications that occur during dental implants are mechanical. The prosthetic conditions were determined by clinical analysis and radiographic examination. Design features of implant, abutment and prostheses, materials used and biomechanical issues have a significant impact on the results of these prostheses. Immediately after the first technique and the implantation of the implant, immediately after the biological complications, the fixed full dental prostheses for our toothless patients occur continuously over time due to fatigue and stress. The most common reported implant – prosthetic complication was screw fractures or hypertrophy – tissue hyperplasia. The combination of implant-bone anchor, screw fixation of the prosthetic components and the dynamics involved involve a complex load with frequent loosening and breaking of the components of implant-supported prostheses. These events may not lead to implant prosthesis failures, but the amount of repair and maintenance required for both the clinician and the patient is important in terms of time and cost. In his presentation, Papakoca reported cases of interest by the participating dentists. In addition, ”Surgical or Non-Surgical Treatment – Which Is More Functional Guided Bone Regeneration A New Concept: 3d GBR Technique u and u The Effect of Prosthetic Use on Elderly People on Cognitive Functions” will be presented to the experts in the field by making presentations on the important issues of dentistry they carried.

The Dicle Symposium, which brings together young teachers and young colleagues, has attracted a great deal of interest in MIA scientific publications. During this program which aims to raise awareness for new generations, conferences, workshops, oral poster presentations, presentations and technological developments in the field of prosthodontics and implantology were followed.