University Collaborations

We believe that university fellowship is important in our organizations where we believe that knowledge and experience sharing are beneficial. In addition to being scientific, we believe that the trainings will be more successful with cooperation and we carry out our studies in this line.

In addition to improving ourselves in the scientific and academic programs we have organized and gained a lot of friendships by the social sharing and we have become a big family. And in the light of the power and knowledge of every individual in our family, we take important steps and strengthen our organizations with collaborations on a scientific platform. Emphasizing the importance of science and fellowship, we are happy to see you in our family.


MIA Director
As academicians of Biruni University, we support all aspects of the Mode Medikal Company and the MIA family, which are moving forward on their way to becoming a world brand with their high quality products and their activities in this field.



Rector of Biruni University
The fact that our scientific programs, where both biological and clinical principles in the implantology treatment of Istanbul Biruni University Faculty of Dentistry have been carried out in all aspects, have motivated us to work in this direction. We are proud of representing the first of this kind of scientific association in our country. We would like to express our gratitude to our esteemed Rector and all of our academics.


We have organized three activities in partnership with Biruni University; Spring Symposium, New Era series and Basic Implantology training organization of the university in the framework of the various methods of presentation by using a scientific program that conveyed knowledge and experience.