Prof. Dr. Hasan Meric

MIA Director

Dear colleagues,

We are proud of completing our 120th scientific activity in just three years with an academic and scientific power.

Traces of advancing technology beyond dreams have brought many innovations to the field of dentistry and this has led to intensive research and study. While preparing our scientific studies, we provided all the material we need with our main sponsor, Mode Implant.

Mode Implant is present in more than 40 countries and in 2018 was awarded as “Manufacturer of the Year” and has 2 Gold Medals from Genève and Germany for the success of Mode RAPID implants in primary stabilization with scientific studies that were academically documented.

MIA team has accomplished many successful scientific studies in the sector, aims to be a source of reference in the national and international arena with the awards, experience and selfconfidence.

With my love and respect