Implant Application and 3-year Follow-up in the Area Where Hard Tissue Regeneration Has Been Performed


A 51-year old patient who used long-term partial dentures began treatment in order to apply a fixed restoration.(image 1,2) Severe bone resorption was determined in clinical examination and autogenous bone resorption was decided . The autogenous bone blocks obtained from the right lower retromolar region are applied to the front of the upper jaw while the xeno graft prf and collagen membrane are supported for not getting enough autogenous in the upper jaw during the operation. İn the same session, a temporary prosthesis was provided for the patients to continue their social life by placing 3 mode-brand smooth and rbm-surface treatments( image 3, 4) in order to be dismantled later.

As a result of the success of the integration of autogenous bone training applied after 4 months of waiting period, 4 mode implants were applied in the upper jaw front area with a diameter of 3.3.(image 5,6) At the end of the 3-month implant osseointegration period, prosthetic phases were started . In the beginning, mini implants placed for temporary restoration purposes were desired to be removed, but they were not successful, and these implants were included in the prosthetic situation and the patient was provided with a fixed prosthesis.(image 7,8,9)